What they've said:

“very interesting, would love to see a hands on demonstration”
- Steven Heller, Designer, Author, Critic, and more

“very cool”
- Daniel Pink, Author of Free Agent Nation, Whole New Mind and Johnny Bunko

“The Dashboard is something very unique - a design device. I like the fact that it's something that both designer and client can use for discussion, a kind of common language of design. I look forward to seeing how it will be developed.”
- Branko Lukic, Designer, Non-Object

“I think your Dashboard is a fun, funky, kind of fetish for up-ending "business as usual" design thinking and practice. They way I see it, it is not a technology for creating solutions or answers, but for disrupting and interrupting established ways of thinking about and practicing design.”
- Michael Anton Dila, Torch Partnership

“I did have a look at the website and was quite impressed. I am glad that you have it in development as it seems to be something that could be quite useful.”
- Victor Margolin, Professor Emeritus of Design History, University of Illinois at Chicago

“I think it is a good idea to encapsulate an idea/concept/theory into an iPod-like device. It's sort of like a "thinkpod." And yes, that sounds awfully familiar to a ThinkPad but Lenovo has stopped using that name so maybe it's okay ...”
- John Maeda, Professor, MIT Media Lab

“I invite you all to find a rapid prototyping machine and print your own now.”
- Sylwia Kunicka, kunik-workbench

“I'll dash your board!”
- Nick Demers-Stoddart, architect at KPMB

“So coool! IT SLIDES!”
- Melissa Amarelo, interior & product designer

“it's a conceptuo-philosophical theory-widget from the hypotheti-future”
- Robert Brandt, illustrator

Karl: hey-y
whats up?
Brandon: I have no idea wht that thing is you sent me
I tried to select the different options and nada.
Karl: it doesn't do anything but light up
it's an illustrator
Brandon: Ah, so there's no output or anything.
Karl: well the outputs in your Imagination
i guess
Brandon: So, did you all determine the limits/buttons?
Is that the breakthrough? Or is the creation of an illustrator the breakthrough?
Karl: so this is a device...
okay lets back up a bit
in a client/designer relationship
the designer's world isn't necessarily clear to the client
doesn't have to be
but it's not ideal
Brandon: So, this helps clear things up between designer and client?
Karl: so the dashboard first of all helps the client understand their relationship
Brandon: K.
Karl: Then it helps define the design challenge, the actual project
Brandon: So, what if there's a situation in which the project, in the client's mind, is given more weight on, say, the environement side, but HAS an element of the social? Like, what about the weighted aspects of a project?
Or does that not matter, because you are just clarifying concept?
Karl: hm
good point
the marks placed an arbitrary boundary where elements aren't potent enough to register
simply to keep things simple
Brandon: Well, but the illustrator allows multiple choces.
Karl: right
thing is you can REDEFINE the problem
and that's where new and unusual ideas start flying out
Brandon: So, if my intention is mostlyeconomic, but has a tint of say, social responsibility, who's to say the relationship still becomes blurred because the priorities are not clear?
Karl: at least it's now a matter of discussion
Brandon: Alrighty.
That makes sense.

- Karl Robert Johnson, architect and model, conversing with friend via IM.